Month: February 2020

East Kootenay Performing Arts Festival Underway

The Regional Festival for the East Kootenays is underway. Adjudication for Speech Arts, Voice, and Choral have concluded, with Piano and Strings starting Monday, March 2 at Knox Presbyterian, with a showcase concert on March 11, 2020 at Key City Theatre at 6:30pm. Admission is by donation. The Dance Festival starts on March 9, 2020…
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2 Cranbrook Girls Pursuing their Dream

An interview with Amanda Weatherall and Caitlin McCaughey By Ken Matthias   Why would a young woman move away from her home town, to the east side of our great country, to pursue a difficult career in performing arts? According to Caitlin McCaughey, because she, “loves the language of performance.” Caitlin McCaughey and Amanda Weatherall…
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